Roof Maintenance Program in Raymore

Your roof is your first line of defense against the outdoor elements. Join the IBEX Family today, and we'll perform an inspection and essential preventative maintenance, all for FREE!

Free Preventative Maintenance Program

Extend your roof’s lifespan by joining our FREE maintenance program we offer to Kansas City homes. During our annual inspections, we’ll check your vent pipes, flashings, and other areas that are prone to causing interior leaking. We’ll help mitigate those issues by providing essential maintenance to these parts.

Join our maintenance program today to extend your roof’s lifespan!

Vent Pipe Boot
Vent Pipe Boot

Preventative Roofing Maintenance
in Kansas City, Missouri

We want your roof to last as long as possible!

Joining the IBEX Family gets you an annual inspection, minor repairs and maintenance, and a 24/7 emergency line, all free! If we find faults with your roof during one of our inspections, we’ll work closely with you and your insurance provider to ensure you’re delighted with the outcome. And, if it’s beyond the scope of what we offer in our free maintenance program, we’ll give you a 25% discount for any repair services and 10% off if a reroof is required.

Our Inspection Process

We ensure that you and your loved ones are safe in your home! The roof is the first line of defense from the elements.
We want to ensure there are no missing or damaged shingles that could degrade the roof's integrity, which can cause internal damage.
Check the areas around your chimney and vent flashing, the roof's decking and underlayment, and the condition of your gutters and downspouts.
Hail damage is typical in the midwest, and our inspectors check your roof's condition to determine if your insurance provider will likely purchase your roof.
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Peace of Mind with the Best Roofing Contractor in Raymore.
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15 Years of Excellence

IBEX Roofing & Solar has been reroofing, adding gutter protection, and finding solar solutions for 15 spectacular years. We’re proud to serve Raymore and the surrounding greater Kansas City area with a personalized touch for every customer. Join the IBEX family and get your free inspection and estimate!

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